1. Force Majeure
    Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger

  2. LIVE
    Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood

  3. Dimensional Stardust
    Rob Mazurek – Exploding Star Orchestra

  4. Heritage of the Invisible II
    Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes

  5. Chicago Waves Remixes
    Carlos Niño & Friends

  6. Universal Beings E&F Sides
    Makaya McCraven

  7. Visit Croatia
    Alabaster DePlume

  8. Tour Beats Vol. 1

  9. Chicago Waves
    Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

  10. Transition East
    Angel Bat Dawid

  11. Stay Beautiful
    Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble

  12. Who Sent You?
    Irreversible Entanglements

  13. To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1
    Alabaster DePlume

  14. Suite for Max Brown
    Jeff Parker

  15. Homeless/Global
    Irreversible Entanglements

  16. Max Brown - Part 1
    Jeff Parker

  17. Ism
    Junius Paul

  18. Too Shy
    Emma-Jean Thackray

  19. FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise
    jaimie branch

  20. East of the Ryan
    Ben LaMar Gay

  21. Resavoir

  22. Freddie Douggie: Live on Juneteenth
    Freddie Douggie

  23. Where Future Unfolds
    Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble

  24. Confetti In The Sky Like Fireworks (This Is Bate Bola OST)
    Ben LaMar Gay

  25. The Oracle
    Angel Bat Dawid

  26. Escalator

  27. Benjamim e Edinho
    Ben LaMar Gay

  28. Grapes
    Ben LaMar Gay

  29. Universal Beings
    Makaya McCraven

  30. 500 Chains
    Ben LaMar Gay

  31. Blackman
    Jeff Parker

  32. Where We Come From (CHICAGOxLONDON Mixtape)
    Makaya McCraven

  33. Logos
    Dos Santos

  34. manos ajenas (touch you every day) b/w how far are we from here?
    Dos Santos

  35. logos b/w ¿cómo?
    Dos Santos

  36. Kudu

  37. Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun
    Ben LaMar Gay

  38. International Anthem Flips

  39. Solo Contra
    John McCowen

  40. The New Breed (Deluxe Edition)
    Jeff Parker

  41. Irreversible Entanglements
    Irreversible Entanglements

  42. Highly Rare
    Makaya McCraven

  43. Not Living in Fear
    Hear in Now (Mazz Swift, Tomeka Reid, Silvia Bolognesi)

  44. Fly or Die
    jaimie branch

  45. Bottle Tree
    Bottle Tree

  46. Open Secret
    Bottle Tree

  47. The New Breed
    Jeff Parker

  48. Alien Flower Sutra
    Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly

  49. Get Dressed
    Jeff Parker

  50. In the Moment Deluxe Edition
    Makaya McCraven

  51. In the Moment E & F Sides
    Makaya McCraven

  52. See Heat
    Bambi Kino Duo

  53. Arrebato

  54. Ultraviolet
    Nick Mazzarella Trio

  55. In the Moment Remix Tape
    Makaya McCraven

  56. Rob Jacobs
    Rob Jacobs

  57. In the Moment
    Makaya McCraven

  58. Alternate Moon Cycles
    Rob Mazurek

  59. Fall 2014 Sampler


International Anthem Chicago, Illinois

International Anthem is a Chicago-born recording company that produces and promotes progressive media.

The IARC mission is to make positive contributions to the changing state of the music industry, and to vitalize the demand for boundary-defying music by presenting unique sounds in appealing packages to untapped audiences.
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